Sony unveils paid-for PSN service PlayStation Plus at E3

Exclusive content and free games for PSN subscribers

Paid-for service trades exclusive content for cash

As we predicted last month, Sony has unveiled a premium paid-for PSN service during its opening speech at E3 2010.

Titled PlayStation Plus, the paid-for service will cost wannabe subscribers £39.99 for a year of the service or £11.99 for three months. However, for a limited time Sony is to offer free three-month trials in an attempt to hook users on the exclusive content.

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Having shelled out on the new addition to the PSN service, subscribers will be rewarded with one PSN game, two minigames and PS One classic title free each month. Exclusive beta test invitations and discounts on the PlayStation Store will complete the list of perks.

Due to go live later this month, the paid-for PlayStation Plus service was somewhat overshadowed during Sony’s opening speech by launch date and pricing details for Sony’s answer to motion controlled gaming, the PlayStation Move.

Given a September 15th UK release date, the PlayStation Move will cost $49.99 (£33.72) when it is released in the States. Prices for its UK arrival are currently unknown.