Sony unveils new wireless and noise cancelling headphones

Wireless cans and noise cancelling earbuds unveiled

Sony drops two new sets of headphones on the music-loving community

Sony has spruced up its headphone line with two fresh new sets of cans in the form of the wireless MDR-RF865RKs and the in-ear noise cancelling MDR-NC13s.

The MDR-RF865RK, Sony's latest Wireless headphones, boast a claimed battery life of 25 hours off a 3.5 hour charge, via the stylish accompanying dock, and allow users to roam up to 100m from source meaning you shouldn't find yourself out of range if you pop to the bathroom.

The MDR-NC13s meanwhile focus on the travelling music-lover with a brand new noise cancelling design. Sony says that the in-ear design is good for cancelling a bizarrely specific 87.4% of background noise and will survive for 100 hours on a single AAA alkaline battery.

Look for the MDR-NC13 noise cancelling buds to hit in mid april for £50 whilst the wireless MDR-RF865RKs are available now for £100.

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