Sony unveils 360-degree 3D holographic display

first 'true' 3D display without glasses

Has Sony finally managed to produce the gadget we all long for after seeing Star Wars? Maybe.

Sony has released a press video on YouTube showing its latest creation; the 360-degree Autostereoscopic display, or in layman's terms, a holographic display.

Yes the name sounds like something out of a Victorian horror novel, but the device itself is far from any period references. Using special LED lights, the device is able to project a truly 360-degree 3D image that you can walk around and view from any angle, without the use of mirrors or special glasses.

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Of course it's important to note that this is just a prototype, and as such, won't be available to the public for quite a while. However, just knowing that this level of tech isn't far of the horizon will surely be enough to convince us that 3D viewing technology is here to stay.

Check out Sony's video below and let us know what you think via Facebook or Twitter.