Sony to 'remaster' PSP games for the PlayStation 3

Crossover gaming comes to Sony's PlayStation range

PSP titles undergo a "remastering" for HD gaming

Sony has announced it is working on the development of crossover gaming between its PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 consoles for select titles.

The scheme, astutely named the “PlayStation Portable Remaster Series”, features online gaming, control pad support and the ability to transfer saved game data between the handheld and home console.

With Sony attempting to re-build faith in the PlayStation Network, after numerous security breaches, the tech giant will be hoping to once again find its feet and evolve the gaming industry.

The selected PSP titles will be available in full HD and will include new bonus content. Looking to capitalise on the scheme, Sony will force owners of the existing PSP titles to repurchase the games if they want to play them on the PS3.

Monster Hunter Freedom 3 is the only title, as of yet, to get the overhaul, with the game set to launch in Japan over the summer. Future titles have yet to be unveiled by Sony.