Sony talks up 3D future

Big S reckons punters happy to spend over £2,000 on a 3D TV

Sony gaming chief bigs up 3D at Edinburgh Interactive Festival.

Sony is no stranger to talking up its 3D plans. But it’s always interesting to hear one of its top execs giving the hard sell on the pricey tech at a time when everyone’s feeling the pinch.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, Sony Europe’s gaming boss, Ray Maguire, suggested that this time round, 3D was not a fad. He referred to a recent survey by Future Source which suggested 40 per cent of TVs in the UK would pack in 3D by 2014 to enforce his belief that 3D is the future.

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"2014 is not that far away," he said. "When you are talking about, well, will they go out and buy a £3000, £2000 TV, the answer is Future Source think yes."

But Maguire admitted that costs of extras, like glasses, are still prohibitively high and that while 3D infrastructure is being boosted by the likes of Sky 3D, the tech would not suddenly take over from HDTV.

"Is it going to be an overnight success? No it's not. It will be for the early adopters. It's expensive to get into, but I think people who have the money will make that choice to get into it. That is pretty much the key.”

That remains to be seen. Have you bought a 3D TV? Or do you think it’s too much to spend at a time when money’s tight? Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Eurogamer