Sony tablet UK release set for summer with Android 3.0

First Sony tablet to land within months with Honeycomb

Sony to adopt Google Honeycomb for first tablet effort

Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer has revealed the tech giant is to officially launch its first tablet device later this summer in an attempt to rival Apple’s market dominating iPad.

According to the Japanese newspaper, Nikkei, Stringer is reported to have revealed that Sony, a company which has yet to venture into the tablet market whilst its main competitors Samsung and LG jump in, will release its first iPad challenger this summer with the upcoming device set to run Google’s tablet-centric Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system.

Although little is currently known about the mooted Sony tablet, recent reported design leaks suggested the Sony device would forgo the typical look adopted by the iPad and its numerous challengers, instead opting for a curved form factor making the tablet appear to host an in-built stand feature and rolled newspaper aesthetic.

Reportedly being prepared for launch with the moniker the Sony S1, Stringer failed to comment on an official name or specs list for the upcoming device. With music streaming in the form of Music Unlimited and gaming from the PlayStation Suite at Sony’s disposal, any upcoming tablet launches should not be short of high-end fillers.

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Via: TechRadar