Sony SmartAR video shows future of augmented reality

Video: The future of your smartphone revealed

Augmented reality gets a little more sophisticated

Sony has been busy showing off its new SmartAR technology which could feature in smartphones in the near future.

Taking the notion of augmented reality one step further, users will be able to use their smartphone's camera to view and interact with AR objects through their touchscreen.

The technology works by mapping 3D spaces, where an AR marker can be created. A character or item can then be placed and be manipulated within that 3D space.

Unlike the augmented reality technology currently housed inside the Nintendo 3DS, Sony's approach does not rely as heavily on placing the AR markers which creates the space for the AR object.

While it seems very likely that the technology will be seen in smartphones first, Sony has previously commented on its potential for gaming as well. That could well see it land for the NGP and the Sony S1 and S2 tablets announced earlier this year.

You can watch the SmartAR demonstration video below. Impressed by Sony's new take on augmented reality? Let us know your thoughts via Facebook and Twitter.

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