Sony slaps down iPhone gaming

New ad calls out "lame" gaming on Apple's blower

Device looking suspiciously like Apple's cell slapped down in new PSP commercial.

Sony is clearly feeling the heat from the iPhone’s increasing gaming prowess. The Big S has pulled together an ad which clearly slaps down the Apple mobile’s gaming credentials while bigging up the PSP.

The new clip shows a gamer touting a new title called “Lame Castle” on a device that couldn’t look more like an iPhone if it tried. In response to the “sweet game”, a PSP-toting kid says, “That ain’t built for big boy games. It’s built for texting your Grandma and calling your girl.” Ouch.

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The piece then goes on to tout a slew of games available on the cheap on PSP. Sony’s evidently been irked by big time games landing on Cupertino’s iOS gadgets, as seen by the ten free titles it’s giving away with the PSPgo this summer.

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