Sony reveals new Vaio Fit notebook lineup

Entry-level laptops get makeover

Sony has introduced a new line of Vaio laptops, dubbed "Fit", that will replace the current crop of E Series notebooks as the company's entry-level models

Sony's entry-level laptop range has been given a new look, new name and several standardised features to make it a little simpler for customers looking to pick up a new machine in the summer.

The new laptops go under the moniker Vaio Fit and there are four to choose from: Fit 14E and Fit 15E at the lower end and the Fit 14 and Fit 15 at the higher end.

Despite the slight division in quality and price (more on that later) between the Fit E and the Fit, all four models certain standardised features guaranteed to make them stand out in the budget market.

Firstly, all the models in the Fit line-up have either a 1,920 x 1,080 or 1,600 x 900 display. Sony has used the technology from its Bravia range of TVs and has consigned the standard budget resolution of 1,366 x 768 to laptop history.

Secondly, the models all have discrete Nvidia graphics and hybrid SSD hard drives for a faster boot-up time. Then there's the extra attention that Sony has paid to the webcams.

Using Exmoor sensors from its camera division, Sony is promising that the low-light performance of the webcams on the Fit models will be much better than those on rival machines.

In terms of difference, the Fit E comes in at $100 cheaper and has a thicker, plastic chassis while the regular Fit steps up to a thinner aluminium casing.

The new series will use Intel's Core processors and each display will be a touchscreen to make use of Windows 8's touch-focused UI. As well as being available in 14-inch and 15-inch sizings, the new laptops will also arrive in a choice of black, silver or pink.

The company has said that the Fit will be a catch-all for its lower-level laptops, and will do away with the likes of the Sony E Series and Sony T Series, making it easier for customers to understand.

We haven't been given any word on UK pricing or availability yet, but you can expect these laptops to touch down in the next couple of months.