Sony readying 3G-packing compact camera

Data for uploading snaps from Cyber-shot peeper

Insider Cyber-shot plans revealed, as Sony looks to tackle smartphone snappers.

Sony is rumoured to be working on a new Cyber-shot compact camera that packs in a 3G data connection. Word is the snapper will allow a certain amount of free 3G to upload a set number of snaps, while more frequent users would be charged.

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The news comes from a source close to Sony, speaking to the chaps at gdgt. The camera will most likely come with built-in access to the likes of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, so you can shovel your shots directly onto your website of choice.

Of course, phones with cameras offer a similar deal, even if digital zooms mean they still can’t match up to their optical zoom-packing compact cousins. There’s no word on when this Sony 3G Cyber-shot will land, but the idea is certainly intriguing.

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Via gdgt