Sony Reader refresh coming August to challenge Kindle

Sony to update its eReaders to compete with Amazon

New Sony eReader to challenge Amazon Kindle and tablet market

Sony is to launch a new range of eReaders in the coming weeks as it looks to challenge Amazon’s market leading Kindle device in the run up to the Christmas shopping period.

Speaking with the Bloomberg news agency Sony’s vice president of digital reading, Phil Lubell revealed that the Japanese tech giant is to complement its upcoming S1 and S2 Android tablets with a new eReader that will feature “hardware and software improvements.”

Reportedly heading for an August release the new Sony device is likely to land prior to the official arrival of Amazon’s next Kindle reader, a device that is expected to tout a new touchscreen interface and touchdown alongside the online retailer’s first foray into the Android tablet market.

Whilst the leading tablet devices now all feature dedicated electronic reader applications Sony is adamant that this will not spell the death of the dedicated eReader that it helped pioneer.

“We think there will still be a market for dedicated readers as long as tablets remain in the $500 price range,” Lubell announced.

Can Sony’s new mystery eReader compete with the existing or even upcoming Kindle or has Amazon cornered the market? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: Bloomberg