Sony PSP-4000 to have sliding front-screen?

Details of a new PSP surface

Expect a PSP makeover, not a PSP 2...

Sony's portable games console it seems will live on beyond the PSP Go as rumours circulate that a PSP-4000 will launch in the near future.

According to VG247, who have it on good authority from a 'highly trusted source', we won't be seeing a PSP 2 but a pint-sized console based on current PSP hardware which will come to be known as the PSP-4000.

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Of the PSP-4000 spec details claimed so far, a sliding front-screen apparently not too far away from this PSP pic, is said to be one of the many cosmetic overhauls PSP gamers can expect.

It could well make an appearance at E3 to rival the Nintendo 3DS, or alternatively turn up at the next GDC. If the PSP-4000 does touch down soon, Sony will surely be hoping it gives the platform a push given that they having to entice new customers with free PSP games as sales of the PSP Go dip.

Link: VG247