Sony PSN: Hulu to launch next week?

Hulu TV streaming service for Sony PSN soon

Official Sony PSN Hulu announcement expected soon

Sony is on the brink of sealing a deal to bring TV streaming service Hulu to its PlayStation Network users, but it's not yet clear if UK users will get to enjoy its delights straight away.

No official announcement has been made so far, but reports from Bloomberg and Reuters suggest that an agreement between Sony and Hulu isn’t far away.

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Hulu’s TV streaming service is yet to launch over here, after having hit all manner of blips with proposed advertising deals recently.

In terms of the deal between Hulu and Sony Computer Entertainment America though, Hulu’s planned subscription streaming service would see an instant audience boom as and when the service is made available to US-based PS3 gamers. It’s widely expected to bring the service to the Xbox 360 too, in what could be a multiplatform rollout.

As a major player in the video on demand market, it mightn’t be long before Hulu launches a fresh assault on these shores, so keep 'em peeled...

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