Sony PS4 to retire DualShock controller?

Sony set to break the mould with biometric sensors and an LCD touchscreen?

The trusty DualShock PlayStation controller may be on the way out. Reports on Friday suggest the PS4 will debut with a completely new controller with a touchscreen and biometric sensors

Sony's DualShock controller has been one of the most iconic accessories of the console era, but the Japanese giant may be planning to put it out to stud when the PlayStation 4 arrives, potentially in the next few weeks.

Our sister site CVG brings word from its sources that a completely new controller will be unveiled alongside the next-gen console, featuring an LCD touchscreen and biometric sensors on the grips.

The report said that extensive experiments within Sony's R&D department had yielded a controller that will "emulate the experience of using the PS Vita" handheld console, according to one source.

Back in November 2011 Sony filed a patent for a biometric controller which would pick up skin moisture, heart rate and muscle movement. Any integration into the PS4 controller could be used to influence gameplay.

Imagine, for example if a higher heart rate or sweaty palms could your ability to shoot straight in Call of Duty? Pretty cool, huh?

CVG reckons that it's unlikely that Sony will ditch the DualShock controller, which has been in existence since 1997, completely. Instead, the site says it could act as secondary a controller in the same way that the Wii Remote now complements the Wii U GamePad.

Rumours this week suggested that Sony will be unveiling its new console in a matter of weeks rather than wait until this summer's E3 expo or later.