Sony PS4 entered development in 2010, leaked details reveal

The upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 has been teased as new reports suggest a release could be near

Ahead of the eagerly awaited Sony PlayStation 4 release date, a developer's CV has leaked details surrounding the PS4's production schedule

Whilst the gaming world awaits word of a Sony PS4 release date, new reports have suggested the Japanese gaming giant has been working on the next-generation console for the past two years.

Yet another example of the gaming industry’s biggest secrets being leaked via a LinkedIn profile, the CV of Sony Computer Entertainment America’s (SCEA) former research and development director Attila Vass has popped up online referencing the “next generation PlayStation.”

Said to have been one of Vass’ main focuses in recent year, the former Sony head has suggested the Xbox 360 rival first entered development back in August 2010. He has failed to offer any further insight into when we can expect the PS3 follow-on to land.

Sony PS4 Rumours

Long the thing of rumour and speculation, Sony’s eagerly awaiting fourth-generation PlayStation console once again missed the E3 unveiling window with latest reports suggesting the Nintendo rival will now out the console during the 2013 edition of the LA based gaming convention.

Whilst little is known about the device, it has been widely rumoured that Sony will ditch the traditional disc-based gaming format in favour of a completely digital gaming experience that would see users turn to online outlets to download all of their desired content.

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Via: MCV