Sony PS Vita release hit by issues as software patch lands

Rocky start to life for the PS Vita sees Sony issue an apology and a software update

Sony's PS Vita has got off to a tough start with the company forced to issue an apology and a software patch to amend issues hours after launch

Just hours after its next-generation portable games console hit stores across its native Japan Sony has been forced to issue an apology and a software update to the Sony PlayStation Vita.

With early adopters of the PS Vita claiming the PSP replacement features an unresponsive touchscreen and suffers from repeated complete system freezes Sony has been forced into action issuing a patch for its newly launched device.

A poorly translated statement from the Japanese gaming giant read: "Currently, special office and information centre PlayStation Vita, has gotten more inquiries contact usually by the time zone we call remained a difficult tie. Apologize for any inconvenience to customers, Sorry.

"PlayStation Vita some of the inquiries have been received about the PlayStation Vita, by you doing your handy and easy, some cases improved. So we offer a Q & A below, before submitting an inquiry, try you for your check, thank you."

Sony PlayStation Vita Features

Boast a 1.5GHz ARM A9 quad-core processor from launch the PS Vita features a 5-inch 960 x 544p OLED touchscreen display as well as landing in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi plus 3G forms.

Standard analogue sticks and PlayStation-esque gamepad controls are to be further plumped by a three-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, electronic compass and shoulder buttons. Front and rear mounted cameras complete the Vita’s bag of tricks alongside a rear mounted touch panel.

Sony PlayStation Vita UK Release Date

Set to launch across the globe in the coming month a Sony PlayStation Vita UK release date has been pencilled in for February 22nd. Whilst the Wi-Fi + 3G model is to hit UK priced £279.99, the Wi-Fi only version is to sport a £229.99 price tag.

What do you make of the Sony PS Vita, the next big thing for portable gaming or a forced incremental step up from the PSP? Let us know via the comments box below.