Sony preps 17.7 megapixel camera phones

New sensor promises killer video too

But will we ever see this make its way to a mobile?

Mobile maker’s seem pretty content to stick with 5 or 8 megapixel cameras these days, eschewing the tiresome sensor oneupmanship of a few years back. But once again Sony is looking to tempt handset mavens with another top-end sensor, this time packing a mind-blowing 17.7 megapixels.

The new CMOS effort has been built with mobiles in mind and can handle full resolution 120fps video, making it five times faster than older versions, according to the Big S.

Having touted at 16MP number last year, it seems unlikely we’ll be seeing a 17.7MP camera phone on these shores any time soon. But Sony is said to be looking to add this to standard compacts, meaning truly killer video on your camera could be on the way.

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Via Engadget