Sony CEO confirms PlayStation Vita will be region-free

Sony PlayStation Vitas will play games from all regions

Sony CEO confirms region-free PlayStation Vitas, revealed back at E3 2011, over Twitter. It means that Sony PlayStation Vita owners can play games meant for foreign markets on devices bought in Britain

There is more good news for gamers waiting to get their hands on Sony's upcoming PlayStation Vita handheld: Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed via Twitter that the device will be region-free, meaning that games released earlier in (or exclusive to), say, Japan will play on European and US Vitas.

Or, if you really can't wait for the handheld's release here in Blighty, it means you can order a Japanese Vita and not have to worry about whether or not UK-purchased games will be compatible (if you can get your head round the Japanese version of the OS).

Yoshida made the announcement on his official Twitter feed after being asked the region-free question directly by a follower. @lonelypessimist asked: "is it confirmed yet if vita is region free?" to which @yosp replied "yes it is". Can't say clearer than that.

Sony's PlayStation Vita was officially confirmed back at E3 2011, with Sony promising gamers a host of big name launch titles and top-tier studios signed on to produce content. However, gamers in Europe and the States will have a longer wait to get hold of the Sony handheld than those in its native Japan, with Sony recently confirming the 17th of December as the Japanese release date, with the rest of the world to follow in the new year.

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