Sony PlayStation Phone not launching in 2010

Sony exec dismisses rumour of new handheld device this year

PSP-inspired phone talk set to roll on for another year...

Sony has confirmed that a PlayStation Phone will not be arriving anytime in the near future, despite recent rumours that the company was preparing to enter the smartphone market.

Talk of a device to bring together the gaming prowess of the PSP with a smartphone has been going on since Sony first launched its handheld gaming device.

Recent rumours suggested that a PSP Go-inspired PlayStation phone touting Android could arrive in October 2010.

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An interview with Peter Dillie, senior vice president of marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America appears to have put that rumour to bed for another year. While talking about the 15th anniversary of PlayStation, Dillie quite simply said, "No new mobile launches this year."

Dillie also added,"Our strategy is to maintain the PlayStation brand on Sony devices and provide experiences that are exclusive and proprietary."

That sounds like a pretty emphatic answer to us on the PlayStation Phone. Maybe next year Sony?

Link: CVG (Via: Seattle Times)