Sony PlayStation Move release set for September 15th at E3

Gran Turismo 5 to finally arrive on November 2nd

Games galore during Sony speech

Sony has showcased a range of games for the PlayStation Move peripheral during their opening speech at E3 2010 as the motion controller gets a September 15th launch date.

Tiger Woods 11 was one of the main titles touted as a Move must along with a host of sporting titles, shooters such as Resident Evil 5 and party games such as the Singstar franchise. All titles will follow the peripheral's release which has at present only been given a US pricing of $49.99 (£33.72).

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Gran Turismo 5 was also demoed by Sony as they took to the stage at E3. The frequently delayed game that has had gaming fans anxiously pacing for years has finally been given a release date as the title prepares for a 3D compatible stateside launch on November 2nd. No UK release has been announced.

Sony, unlike Microsoft and Nintendo whose speeches preceded it, failed to unveil any new hardware during their opening speech, instead opting to demonstrate a number of games across their new technologies such as the motion sensing PlayStation Move and the recently introduced 3D gaming.

Other notable unveilings in Sony’s opening speech included the announcement of a further 70 PSP titles that will be hitting shelves before the Christmas period and the PlayStation Plus online subscription service which is to offer exclusive and discounted content for a £50 sign-on charge.

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