Sony PlayStation Home to get redesign

Redesign will see a a focus on gaming and social media

Remember PlayStation Home? Sony's own virtual world for social interaction etc, well they've decided to give it a new lick of paint

Sony is planning to overhaul PlayStation Home, the virtual world in which PS3 users can interact with other players, play games and use social media.

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The overhaul is in place to make games the new focus after Sony noticed it was losing users to social networking sites, alone with a change in ethos it'll also get a new location. Called 'The Hub' the new HQ that will greet users will not be unlike a train terminal, with games, user-generated content and challenges all built into the design of the building.

It's an interesting design, the platforms representing gateways to games and challenges, with a transit station being a perfect metaphor as a 'hub' for branching out. Of course whether it'll catch on will remain to be seen with Sony planning to launch the updated PlayStation Home later this year.

What do you think, will that be enough to bring you back to the service? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: MCV