Sony: Pirate the PS3 and be banned from PSN for life

Users urged to delete pirate content ASAP to save accounts

Sony clamp down on users who jailbreak the PS3.

Gamers who take advantage of the PlayStation 3 jailbreak to play pirated games on the console will be banned from the PlayStation network for life, according to a statement posted by PlayStation Social Media Manager, Jeff Rubenstein.

"Unauthorized circumvention devices for the PlayStation 3 system have been recently released by hackers. These devices permit the use of unauthorized or pirated software" says Rubenstein. "Consumers using circumvention devices or running unauthorized or pirated software will have access to the PlayStation Network and access to Qriocity services through PlayStation 3 system terminated permanently."

The only way to save your PSN access should you be of a piratical nature is to "immediately cease use and remove all circumvention devices and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from [the] PlayStation 3 system."

The jackboot of PlayStation justice has already descended upon several members of the PlayStation forums, who reported receiving stern e-mails from Sony before receiving the PlayStation error 0x8002A227 and the displayed message "You cannot connect to PlayStation Network with this account" when trying to play online or use the PlayStation Store. You can read the full statement at the link below.

Link: PlayStation.Blog