Sony Personal 3D Viewer to launch November in Japan

Sony's 3D goggles create 750 ft. cinema screen experience

Sony's HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer (or 3D goggles) beams 3D straight into our eyeballs. But at £480, is it worth the hefty price tag?

We've been getting on with digital specs that create the illusion of massive screens in front of our eyes for years now (remember the Vuzix iWear for the iPhone 3GS?), but in these days of James Cameron's Avatar, Sony have evolved the tech to its inevitable conclusion: the world's first pair of 3D goggles.

Named the 3D Personal Viewer, Sony's new device fits over the wearer's skull like a Star Trek prop, and uses dual 0.7" HD OLED displays to create the illusion of a 750-foot cinema screen. By displaying a slightly different image to each eye (known as the 'dual-pane' method), the brain processes the input as a single, 3D image.

Also bundled in with the 3D gadgetry is 5.1 virtual surround sound, and controls for playing and pausing video mounted on the headset itself. With HDMI support, it can also be rigged up to a PC or a Blu-Ray player for proper cinema-going quality.

The Personal 3D Viewer will be out in Japan in November, priced around £480. Cinema of the future or headache in a box? Let us know your thoughts through the T3 inbox or the official T3 Twiiter feed.

Sony Personal 3D Viewer Headset video: Hands-on

Source: T3 Tech Videos