Sony Party-Shot DS2 outed

Updated auto-photographer unleashed

New-look Party-shot means no more shaky, boozed-up snaps on Facebook.

Sony’s Party-shot was a hit first time round, capable of taking snaps of you and your pals as you get on the tins without going all blurry and accidentally taking shots of the floor instead of everyone’s faces.

And now the smart camera gadget is back. The new Party-shot DS2 rocks a similar design to the original, but now comes with touch sensitive activation for ‘on demand’ images, as well as sweep panorama support (as long as the Sony camera you’ve docked has that feature too).

Other than these new additions, everything is as you were. Simply dock the camera and it’ll wheel around taking pics while you get trollied or just kick back on the sofa. You also get a protective case and tripod included.

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