Sony NX713 and NX813: new 3D Bravias unveiled

Slimmer design and Bravia Internet Video inside latest 3D efforts

New 3D models from Sony rock same 'monolithic design' as older bros.

Sony has just outed a pair of new 3D Bravia TVs. The NX713 and NX813 both come crammed with Bravia Internet Video so you can snaffle on-demand content and rock that ‘monolithic’ design that the Big S reckons make them look just as good when they’re switched off. Hmmm.

Each version comes with ‘Dynamic LED backlighting’, while the NX713 touts 100Hz motion flow tech. The NX813 beefs that frame rate up to 200Hz.

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Other than that minor difference, the only other changes here are to the design of the TVs themselves, which are now a tad slimmer than Sony’s other 3D boobtubes.

While you wait for 3D to move from cottage industry to home entertainment must-have, you can chow down on direct access to Lovefilm via Bravia TV, as well as watching the latest clips on YouTube, including 4OD goodies.

As ever, Sony’s staying quiet on price, but expect to here more at IFA, where these boxes are bound to be the centre of the show.