Sony NGP video shows off graphics we can expect

'PSP 2' action caught on camera shows great promise

Damning evidence that the NGP will be as powerful as the PS3?

New footage of the Sony NGP has been revealed giving us an idea of its graphical prowess when it launches.

Showing off its "Vision Game Engine" the guys at Trinigiy have served up the video in question (which you can see below) of the portable gaming device which will host a power-mongering quad-core processor.

Previously reported to be as powerful as the PS3, the NGP features a massive 5-inch 960x544 OLED touchscreen, a touch-sensitive back, dual analogue sticks, both front and rear cameras and is set to use 2GB and 4GB storage cards for NGP games.

On a NGP UK release date, Sony has previously commented that it would launch in at least one territory before the end of 2011, but it seems that could actually be the US could be first up.

Lazard Capital Markets, a US investment company claimed it attended a Sony PlayStation analyst day where a US 2011 launch date was confirmed. Lazard also added that Sony could not be more precise with regards to a UK and Europe launch date.

We expect to hear alot more about NGP pricing and games at the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles which kicks off on June 7th.

You can check out the NGP footage in the video below, and let us know your thoughts on it via Facebook and Twitter.

Link: UbergizmoMCV