Sony NGP to get 2GB and 4GB storage cards

More PSP 2 details discussed by Sony at GDC 2011

How a UMD-free existence will play out for the NGP

Sony has detailed storage plans for the NGP (PSP 2) when it launches (we hope) in at least one territory before the end of the year.

- Sony NGP pictures: Official images of the PSP 2

In a presentation given at the Games Developer Conference (GDC), Sony revealed that there will be 2GB and 4GB storage cards of varying sizes with 5-10% to be dedicated to save game files and downloadable patches.

For game developers that means there will be around 1.8GB of space on the 2GB cards and 3.6GB on the 4GB variety.

Sony also pointed out that these storage options allow significantly more data than the average 10MB mobile phone game.

At the official unveiling of the NGP, Sony opted to ditch the UMD on the PSP Go for flash memory cards hoping to lead to higher capacity to store additional content and game save data.

Sony expects to launch the NGP in 2011, but there has been no confirmation if that will be a global release. We sincerely hope it is...

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