Sony NGP: Big S wants to match PSP sales

First aim is to repeat PSP success says Sony boss

Kaz Hirai talks up PSP 2 on official PlayStation blog.

With the dust finally settling on the Sony NGP, or the PSP 2 as it’s still known round these parts, the Big S’s Kaz Hirai has started talking up plans for the next-gen handheld.

Speaking in an interview on the official PlayStation blog, Hirai says that Sony’s initial hope for the NGP is simple. "One of the things we want to accomplish with the NGP is match - number one - the install base that we have on PSP worldwide."

The original handheld had shifted just over 62 million by September last year, meaning Sony will need to work hard to ensure it can reach that number, all while taking on the might of the Nintendo 3DS.

Hirai reckons the inclusion of 3G and touch panels on the front and back will help the NGP best its predecessor and stake its claim as the number one handheld out there. He also took time to show off some of the new titles, including the awesome new Uncharted game.

The NGP isn’t out until the end of 2011. Make sure you tell us what you think of Sony’s new effort on our Facebook and Twitter pages now.

Via Eurogamer