Sony Music Unlimited comes to iPhone to challenge Spotify

Friday launch continues Sony scheme to bring Entertainment Network everywhere

Sony Music Unlimited is coming to the iPhone. The music streaming service has, until now, only been available on Android and Sony's connected devices. The iOS app will launch on Friday

Spotify's list of challengers on iOS devices is growing, with news that Sony will launch the Music Unlimited service on iPhone and iPod touch on Friday.

The £9.99 a month premium service brings 15 million tracks to stream over the cloud and is already available on a host of Sony connected devices including the PlayStation 3 and the new PS Vita. You can also hook up to it through the company's connected TVs and Blu-ray players.

Last year Sony made it available on Android smartphones and tablets, but now it's launching an assault on iOS devices, which will come as a boost to subscribers who are already paying for Music Unlimited through other gadgets.

While it is the same price as Spotify for the Premium offering, there's a Basic option for £3.99 p/month, which is more like Apple's iTunes Match. The service will scan your drive for songs/playlists you own/have created and will allow you to access them over the cloud, providing they're within the catalogue.

“With the proliferation of connected devices, consumers expect complete access to their digital entertainment and demand a consistent experience regardless of the device,” said Tim Schaaff, President of Sony Network Entertainment International.

“Bringing the Music Unlimited service to iPhone and iPod touch is one of the many ways we are able to reach more music lovers around the world while ensuring the same level of high-quality entertainment that is associated with the overall Sony Entertainment Network experience.”