Sony Move price for UK revealed

PlayStation Move available to pre-order now

First UK prices for the PlayStation Move

The first Sony PlayStation Move UK prices have begun to show up online, as pre-orders begin to open. has taken the lead, pegging the PlayStation Move Starter Pack, including a Move controller, PlayStation Eye and starter disc, at a midrange £49.99. Standalone Move sticks are priced at £39.99 and Navigation Controllers at £29.99.


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The PlayStation Move platform includes the motion controller, sub-controller and PlayStation Eye camera, which is already available for £29.99.

Amazon has also listed the Sony Move packages, but at £10 higher, £59.99. However, the PlayStation Eye weighs in at a mere £21.39.

Sony's PlayStation Move is heading to the UK on October 19, which is around a month before the Microsoft Kinect is expected to arrive in the UK.

Link: Play and Amazon