Sony head says the future is all about cloud based gaming

Sony Studios VP Scott Rohde suggests the takeover of cloud gaming is inevitable

Sony Studios VP Scott Rohde has suggested the move to cloud based gaming is 'absolutely inevitable' and will dominate the market in 5 years

Ahead of the long expected unveiling of the PlayStation 4 Sony has suggested all gaming will be cloud based within the next five years, sparking rumours around the next-generation console.

Describing cloud gaming as “absolutely inevitable,” Sony’s Worldwide Studios VP Scott Rohde has spoken out on the future of gaming suggested that disc-free gaming will “be a part of what everyone does” by the midpoint of the decade.

"It just makes sense. And so, over the next five years, you're going to see everything evolve to that state because people want access to their data anywhere," Rohde said.

With the likes of OnLive already pushing the cloud gaming sector, Rohde’s remarks have ignited a new round of rumours suggesting that Sony’s next-generation games console will do away with the traditional disc-based game hardware, instead offering users instant access to digital content wherever they are.

"Will there be a streaming service?” Rohdes added. “Will there be a partnership? I'm not going to answer those questions right now. But, like I've said ten times, like a broken record, the industry is always evolving."

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Via: CVG