Sony Freestyle Hybrid PC spied

Tablet come laptop spotted at Sony Tablet event

Machine yet to be detailed, but expect it to land later this year.

Sony’s S1 and S2 Tablets took all the headlines yesterday, but the Big S has got some more slate-based goodies lined up for later this year. Its new Freestyle Hybrid PC was also detailed briefly during the S1 and S2 showcase in Japan and it promises to be a peach.

Combining a massive touchscreen for tablet-style swipes, and a slideout keyboard for laptop action, it promises to be a sleek proposition when it finally hits shelves. Sony wasn’t forthcoming with specs, but rumour has it it’ll pack a 9.4-inch screen.

Sony also touted an ‘Ultimate Mobile PC’ at the same gathering, with USB 3.0, HDMI and a design that makes the MacBook Air look hefty. It’s also expected to be released later this year.

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Via Engadget