Sony: expect Move shortages this Christmas

Big S says its motion controller is in short supply

Nab one now or wait well into the New Year says Sony exec.

A Sony suit has said that if you want PlayStation Move for Christmas, you’d better stump up now. It seems the motion controller is in great demand and that the Big S just can’t keep up.

In an interview, Sony’s Peter Dille, who takes care of marketing across Europe, the US and Japan, said supplies were running low. “We have a catch-up problem in all three territories that will last until January or February.” Dille also said that lots of retailers were already running low.

Dille’s words echo those of Microsoft’s Don Mattrick, who last week made similar noises about Xbox Kinect. Far be it for us to show our cynical side, but could both major gaming players be trying to push punters into shops and part with their hard-earned? After all, both have got heady targets to meet.

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Via VentureBeat