Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2 leaked and previewed

Prying eyes score a look at another pre-release blower

Sony Ericsson's Vivaz follow-up gets a pre-release pawing.

While the award for most leaked mobile lineup of the month can go to no-one but BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson takes an easy silver, first with the leaks of their PSP Phone, and now with this: the thus far unannounced Vivaz 2.

The prying eyes in question belong to champion leakers of upcoming smartphones, which as is traditional included not just photos but a massive breakdown of the handset's features.

According to the site's reviewer Martin Elm, the follow-up to the underwhelming Vivaz is "a little bigger, thicker and heavier", which apparently makes the handset more balanced and feel sturdier. At just under four inches, the screen has been enlarged and the resolution bumped up to 480x854 pixels, too.

Another high point on the Vivaz 2 is reportedly the camera; an 8MP snapper with touch-to-focus and face detection, as well as an LED flash. also have good things to say about the video recording ability, remarking that its transition between light and dark while recording is smooth, and the framerate high.

So, will this bang of the Vivaz drum work out better than Sony's disappointing previous attempt? Well, let's wait until it's at least announced before we speculate, shall we?