Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot Android phone incoming?

Blurry shot suggests SE is working on Android camphone

New SE phone will follow Walkman-branded Android handset.

Sony Ericsson’s already touted a Walkman branded Android handset this year and has brought PlayStation to mobile with the Xperia Play. And now it’s working on a Cyber-shot Android phone to complete the package.

The new blower is the subject of a blurry spy shot, which appears to show the Cyber-shot logo down at the bottom. There’s no word on what we can expect under the hood, apart from Android of course, but this could be a promising addition to the SE stable.

That said, with cameras on most top-end phones able to take killer snaps, do we really want or need a phone focused solely around the camera? After all, smartphones are supposed to be able to do everything well, not just one thing.

Would you buy a Cyber-shot phone? Or is this harking back to mobile days that are long gone? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Pocketnow