Sony Ericsson Anzu: more details outed

So-called X12 will not come with Gingerbread on board

Initial plans don't look good for SE's next-gen flagship.

Getting all het up about the Sony Ericsson Anzu? You know, the future X12? If you’d seen last week’s leaks, that’s understandable. All the talk was of a super bright 4.3-inch panel, with the latest Android Gingerbread software ticking along underneath.

Well, now it seems things might not be so rosy. See, Eldar Murtazin, the eminent mobile fanatic, has laid his hands on an Anzu and the news is not good. His model is currently running Android 2.1 and he says Sony Ericsson will out the device with Android 2.2 FroYo, not the next-gen Gingerbread, in the New Year.

This continues Sony Ericsson’s insistence on using old builds of Android on new devices. What’s more, the 854x480 screen is said to be no great shakes, while the processor is 800MHz rather than the 1GHz we’ve come to expect from the best Android efforts. That said, vanilla Android is said to be super zippy, although Sony Ericsson’s plans to add a custom skin could put paid to that.

The Anzu, or X12, is also said to feel a lot cheaper than the X10. But the 12 megapixel shooter with 720p video should make up for apparently cutting corners elsewhere. Tell us what you think of this all-new Android phone on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Via Engadget