Sony Ericsson 16 megapixel camera phone outed

New S006 blower comes with new Sony sensor

Japan-only for now, but phone points to new front in megapixel wars.

Remember Sony’s new 16 megapixel camera phone sensor, outed just a couple of weeks back? Well, now it has home, namely the Sony Ericsson S006.

Outed in Japan by the KDDI mobile network, the new effort is all about Sony’s latest tiny CMOS sensor. The Big S reckons it can reduce the nasty noise you get on most camera phones, giving you more crisp and clear snaps. How that’ll square with the S006’s epic 12,800 ISO remains to be seen.

The zoom is not the optical one most punters were hoping for, although its spec sheet is not too shabby. Inside you’ll find a 1GHz processor, SE’s own proprietary OS, Wi-Fi and GPS. There’s a 3.3-inch screen slapped on the front too.

This is very much Japan only at the moment, but expect to see this sensor finding its way to new phones here in Blighty next year. Too many megapixels? Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Akihabara News