Sony Digital Binoculars are 'world first'

Premium binoc's with HD recording and 7.1MP stills

Making the claim that your product is a 'new page in binocular history' you either need to know how odd that sounds or have a pretty good product, Sony thinks the latter.

Sony's Digital Recording Binoculars are the 'world's first' binoculars that can take both HD video and snaps while still offering the same specs as a premium pair of binoculars.

The DEV-3 and DEV-5 are the two models in question with the differences between the two being that the DEV-5 ups the magnification from 10x to 20x and adds GPS tagging as well. For those additional features you'll be looking at paying a premium of around £300, quite a hefty sum of money we think you'll agree.

Both products however use two 'Exmor R' CMOS sensors which means each eyepiece can record a separate image, this then allows HD 3D recording. The lenses can also take 7.1MP images and with Sony's stabilisation system on board you'll be able to take crystal clear images even at 20x magnification.

Not sure when they'll hit UK shores but expect to pay a price of around £1400 for the DEV-3 and £1900 for the DEV-5. What do you think, is that eye-watering price justified or not? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.