Sony develops subtitle glasses for cinemas

New tech that could be helping hard of hearing by next year

A clever new piece of kit is being developed by Sony which will potentially remove the limitations that those who are deaf or hard of hearing suffer from when going to the cinema

Sony is developing a pair of glasses for the cinema which will show subtitles as if they're on the screen, the prototypes are planning to be put into full production by next year.

The glasses work by displaying the subtitles in sync with the film meaning that those who suffer from hearing difficulties or are fully deaf will be able to see a film unrestricted by which showings contain closed captioning or subtitles. Sony says the glasses are only in the prototype stage at the moment while they continue to carry out more trials however the company is hopeful that they'll be able to bring them to the mass-market by next year.

Sony believes this would make a huge difference for those whos experiences it would improve, but also for the cinema industry which would see huge increases of atendees at peak times.

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Source: BBC