Sony confirms white PS Vita release plans

White Sony PlayStation Vita release plans confirmed by Sony, Japan launch first

A white Sony PlayStation Vita console has been confirmed for launch with the light hued console to hit Japan on June 28th

Mimicking a number of the smartphones that are rapidly eating into its portable gaming market, Sony has revealed that it is to release a white rendition of recently launched Sony PS Vita.

Despite disappointing sales figures to date, Sony has revealed it is to introduce a new white Vita into the fray with sales of the light-toned pocketable games console to start in the company’s native Japan next month.

Featuring the same ARM Cortex A9 processor and 5-inch OLED touchscreen display as its standard black counterpart, the white PlayStation Vita has been handed a June 28th Japanese release date. A UK arrival has yet to be confirmed.

With front and rear-mounted cameras the PS Vita boasts a bevy of tech wizardry with a touch sensitive back panel offering further input options on the standard analogue controls and touchscreen display. Available in Wi-FI only and Wi-Fi + 3G forms the white Sony PS Vita has been handed a 24,980 Yen (£194) and 29,980 Yen (£232.89) price tag.

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Via: Gamespot