Sony buys Hawk-Eye live sports tracking company

Could we finally see football goal-line technology?

British based company to become part of Sony Professional

Sony has officially announced that it has acquired the UK based company Hawk-Eye Ltd, best known for introducing live sports tracking technology now commonly used in both cricket and tennis.

No financial details of the buyout have been revealed, but Sony aims to use its latest purchase to deliver "innovative solutions for sports stadia and broadcasters"

On the acquisition Naomi Climer, Vice-President Sony Europe, commented, "Hawk-Eye is recognised globally for its innovative solutions for resolving close calls in critical sporting situations, particularly in cricket and tennis where they have developed a worldwide reputation. Players, officials and sports fans have all appreciated the accurate and entertaining way in which Hawk-Eye has integrated its technology into these key sports."

Paul Hawkins, the founder of Hawk-Eye, said, "Over the last decade Hawk-Eye has become the reference standard technology for ball tracking and graphics in tennis, cricket and snooker. Our skills and established knowledge coupled with Sony's breadth of capabilities and technologies will create immense opportunities for the sports industry."

Interestingly, as football governing body FIFA met last week to discuss the possibility of goal-line technology finally being introduced to the beautiful game, this could well pave the way for Hawk-Eye to finally eradicate errors like Frank Lampard's disallowed goal against Germany at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa last summer.

Sony has already kicked up a working relationship with FIFA after the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was broadcast in 3D, so Hawk-Eye may just be next on the agenda. Lampard perhaps won't be the only one hoping it does...

Link: Sony Europe