Sony appoints Hirai as new CEO

Hoping his success with PlayStation can be copied

Sony has seen better days, of course you wouldn't know it from their products, all high-quality but all just missing the bar in comparison to say Samsung

Sony has announced that it will have a new CEO from April in the form of Kazuo Hirai, the man who pulled Sony's videogames sector back from the brink.

Mr Hirai has a strong CV having risen through the ranks of Sony fast until he became head of the Consumer Electronics and Videogames division, from there he has overseen the succesful rebirth of PlayStation's Network, even managing to steer the division through the PlayStation hacking scandal which saw huge quantities of personal information stolen from the PlayStation Network.

The belief will not doubt be that Hirai can apply this same mindset to the rest of the company, streamlining if necessary the companies output so that it becomes more focused on that which it excels in.

With the PlayStation Vita out in February and a string of connected TVs having been announced at CES the company is presumably looking to build on portable and connected devices, possibly leading to a sequel for the Sony Tablet S and P.

Of course there is the newly formed Sony mobile division as well with the Sony Xperia S garnering critical acclaim after getting its debut at CES 2012.

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