Sony A390 and A290 DSLRs official

New alpha snappers will be 'affordable' says Sony

New entry level snappers still come with some nifty features for DSLR first timers.

Sony’s been hard at it this week, with new stereos and plenty of chatter about the PSPgo. But it’s not done yet, unveiling a new pair of alpha DSLRs. Dubbed the A390 and A290, they’re both aimed at snappers making the jump from compacts to full-on peepers.

The A390 is the top of the pile, with a 14.2 megapixel sensor, tilting 2.7-inch LCD panel, along with Live View so you can see your shots without having to shove the viewfinder of your eyes.

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The A290 comes with the same sensor, the only difference being it drops the Live View for a standard approach to taking snaps. That’s not too much of a hardship if you want a basic DSLR when making the upgrade from smaller cameras.

Both snappers rocks HDMI ports, so you can hook them up to your HDTV and keep your pals and family entertained with your latest shots.

Sony says both cameras will be landing this summer, which by our calculations (excluding the UK’s questionable weather), is now. And while it says they’ll be ‘affordable’ neither has been priced up. Stay tuned for details as we get them.