Sony 3D Cybershot camera's coming soon

Sony plans to release more 3D enabled cameras

A Sony spokesperson has confirmed that 3D will become an integral part of their Cybershot range.

In an exlcusive announcement to gadget site TechRadar, a Sony spokesperson has confirmed that the company plans to make sure it's upcoming cameras will be fully on board with 3D and it's ongoing progression.

The spokesperson was keen to point out: "I think 3D is not going to go away as a technology so certainly Cybershot will want to be there to leverage any kind of interest from the consumer side,"


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With the PS3 3D firmware update coming out, plus Sony's increasing range of 3D HD products including TVs and Blu-ray players it seems the logical step that their camera range would be next.

"We're really trying to create a complete solution for the consumer and get them to able to enjoy 3D technology,"

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