Sonos OS X Lion friendly at last

Music streaming system finally works with new Apple OS

Sonos had come in for criticism after its streaming service failed to work with OS X Lion.

Got a Sonos and loaded your Mac up with OS X Lion? Then today’s the day you’ve been waiting for. The music streaming software now works properly with with Apple’s new operating system, allowing you to effortlessly stream tracks to your multiroom music system.

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The software was initially incompatible with Lion, with Apple changing the protocol used to share iTunes libraries over a network. However, the likes of Spotify continued to play nice, leading to uproar among those who’d stumped up for pricey Sonos kit.

In a post on Sonos’ official forum, the company’s VP of Quality Andrew Schulert said, “Thank you for your patience as we worked out this incompatibility issue. We're sorry if this interrupted your music listening in any way. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Technical Support team.”

You can snag the update now via the Check for Updates option in the main menu on Sonos Controller for Mac. Early reports suggest there are no niggles. Got a Sonos? Tell us what you think of the fix on our Facebook and Twitter pages.