Social networking sites make us 'less human'

Fears social networking sites isolate from reality

Could social networking websites be harmful?

According to an American sociologist, social networking sites are making us "less human".

The method of communicating online through social networking sites can be seen as a "modern form of madness".

According to Sherry Turkle, a professor at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology who has written a new book, Alone Together, these websites isolate people from reality by dominating people's lives making them less human.

She says, "A behaviour that has become typical may still express the problems that once caused us to see it as pathological."

She also claims that cyber-reality is just an imitation of the real world and isolates people.

"We have invented inspiring and enhancing technologies, yet we have allowed them to diminish us."

Her book Alone Together will be published in the UK next month and takes a different path from her last two books, which had an open view towards technology. Her warnings come after the death of a woman in Brighton who posted a suicide note on Facebook - yet not one of her 1000+ "friends" called for help.

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Via: The Telegraph