Sniper Elite V2 tops UK gaming chart beating off FIFA Street

Retains top spot in gaming chart despite tough competition

Sniper Elite V2 has managed to win over gamers with its ultra-gory gameplay beating off the likes of FIFA Street and Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Sniper Elite V2 for Xbox 360, PS3 and Microsoft Windows has made it a second week at number 1 in the UK gaming chart. Beating the likes of FIFA 12 and FIFA Street the game will be hoping to hold on for another week.

Arriving to incredibly strong sales Sniper Elite V2 has managed to stay at the top despite a 38 per cent drop in sales giving a clear indication of just how far ahead it was at launch.

Sniper Elite V2 sees gamers take on the role of a World War 2 OSS sniper as they're thrown into Berlin to recover a number of German scientists before the war ends.

With the impending arrival of EURO 2012 for FIFA 12 Sniper Elite V2 still has a solid position in third place with Prototype 2 and Mass Effect 3 following closely behind.

Of course there'll be stiff competition later in the year with some huge titles set for release, to find out more why not check out our E3 2012 Games feature with all the top games coming in 2012.