Snapdragon S4 provides perfect op for devs to target mass market, says Qualcomm SVP

Snapdragon S4 presents devs with the perfect op to create apps "for the mass market"

Snapdragon S4 will give devs the opportunity to produce apps on a larger scale, says Qualcomm's SVP of Product Management

Qualcomm’s SVP of Product Management Raj Talluri told devs this week that his company’s Snapdragon S4 processor is the ideal platform for developing both applications and games for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for large-scale markets, claiming the chip's unwavering popularity in this sector provides the perfect opportunity for mass market distrubution.

Speaking at Uplinq, his company’s annual conference for developers held in San Diego, California, he kicked-off proceedings by bigging up the 1.5GHz S4’s quad-core CPU, before advising attendees to target the masses to boost downloads of apps, as opposed to just the high-end, technically sophisticated market.

He said: “I want you to be thinking when you develop apps, not only at the high-end where we really showcase great technology and cutting edge stuff that you really cannot do with anything out there today, but how to scale that and move that down all the way into the mass market smartphones.

In addition to enhanced battery-life, Qualcomm claims its chips centre around the 'user experience', with features such as surround-sound recording and facial processing being added to boost desirability of its processors to consumers.

With several leading manufactures including Snapdragon processors in their smartphones, Talluri said the S4 also presents developers with the perfect opportunity to create and optmise applications across several leading platforms, including Android and iOS, using a single processor, saying:

“When we work on Snapdragons we’re really building scale, by scale I mean scalable platforms, and we do that in a software compatible manner, so when you develop on one of the Snapdragon platforms, you’re able to waterfall that down all the way.”