Smartphones driving online sales away from the highstreet

Exclusive: Portable smartphones to spell the end for the highstreet, experts reveal

Industry experts exclusively tell T3 that smartphones are to spell the end for the highstreet with consumers using their pocket blowers to make online purchases

The rising popularity of smartphones is to have a negative effect on highstreet stores as consumers increasingly turn to their portable blowers to make online purchases, industry experts have suggested.

Speaking exclusively with T3 earlier today Iman Ramani, Business Development Director at online shopping specialist SaveMe4Later, suggested that smartphone owners are already having an adverse affect on highstreet shopping sales with the portable powerhouses only to increase the gap between online and in-store purchases.

“There will probably be less in-store purchases ahead of Christmas this year than ever before, Ramani told T3. “As the smartphone moves forward it will continue to take a large percentage of sales out of the shops and on to the online arena.”

With smartphones rapidly becoming the go to choice for new handset purchases and updates pushing feature phones back into forgotten realms, Ramani expects to see more online sales to be generated on the move via consumer’s phones in the near future.

“Smartphone sales are growing massively at the moment so as retailers and brands catch up and add mobile optimised websites, which surprisingly only 10 or 15 per cent have at the moment, that gap is going to become more advanced and online sales are going to increase massively.”

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