Smartphone users face health risks over excessive use

Smartphone owners warned they face neck and back issues if they use their devices for work

Workaholics using their smartphones to continue their jobs whilst at home are at risk of neck and back issues, a new Dr's study has revealed

Smartphone owners who use their pocket powerhouses to continue working once having left the office are risking their health, a new study by the Charted Society of Physiotherapy has suggested.

Stating that the rise in people using smartphones for prolonged periods of time in order to get a jump on mounting workloads is a “huge concern,” the study has shown doing so can result in “screen slaves” facing neck and back pain as well as posture issues.

"While doing a bit of extra work at home may seem like a good short-term fix, if it becomes a regular part of your evening routine then it can lead to problems such as back and neck pain, as well as stress-related illness,” said Dr Helena Johnson, Chairwoman of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

"This is especially the case if you're using hand-held devices and not thinking about your posture,” Dr Johnson added further lambasting the use of smartphones.

The online survey which quizzed 2,010 office workers revealed that around two-thirds of those questioned used their smartphones and other portable devices to continue working outside of office hours with the average person adding an extra two hours screentime to their day.

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Via: BBC